Why we need this bond

We’re overcrowded, enrollment continues to grow, and class sizes have been reduced. We simply need more space to educate Kelso’s kids.

The safety and security of our students and staff is paramount to a positive, productive learning environment.

Our schools are aging. Some to the point that replacing them is more cost efficient than renovating their deteriorating infrastructure to comply with current building codes.

The world is advancing, and our schools are becoming educationally outdated. Replacing and renovating them will improve learning opportunities for students.

Our kids need your support. The responsibility and honor of maintaining, building and renovating schools rests with the community they’re in, rather than the state or federal government. Please vote.

State assistance of nearly $40 million will be provided (the equivalent of almost 1.5 of the new elementary schools) to build and renovate schools should Kelso voters pass this bond measure.

Strong schools build strong communities, which result in a strong local economy.