Wallace Elementary

Photography by Nickayla Hodges, a Senior at Kelso High School

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Live-streaming construction at Wallace Elementary

Want to know what's happening with construction at Wallace Elementary? You can watch the live-stream and get up-to-the-moment visual updates on progress at bit.ly/WallaceLive. The time-lapse is pretty fun to see, too.

This week at Wallace…

Here's an aerial view of the construction work happening at Wallace. The asphalt on what has been the play area for many years has been removed so soil stabilization can begin. Meanwhile, the students are enjoying a temporary play area set up in the front of the...

Soil Stabilization Work Begins at Wallace Elementary School

The contractor building two new schools for Kelso School District, FORMA Construction, is starting construction of the new Wallace Elementary, which requires installing aggregate piers into the ground up to 40 feet deep. FORMA will bring in heavy equipment and loads...

Proposed Budget


Proposed Improvements

  • Replace with new 450-student school on current site

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With 375 students, Wallace is over capacity and is functionally outdated. The unreinforced brick school was built in 1942 and seismic upgrades are necessary, yet are cost-prohibitive and would further restrict the use of the school. Approximately $8.8 million in state matching funds will be used to offset project costs. Replacing this school will:

  • Provide learning and instructional spaces necessary to help improve academics and quality of student and staff life
  • Address severe parking and traffic flow problems in the neighborhood


Proposed plan for Wallace Elementary

Proposed plan for Wallace Elementary