Catlin Elementary / Lexington

Photography by Nickayla Hodges, a Senior at Kelso High School

Latest News

New school construction Open House on October 25

Wondering what our new elementary schools will look like? Come to our Open House on October 25th and take a look at the preliminary designs. Schematics of the new schools at Lexington and Wallace will be up in the Kelso High School Commons on Thursday, October...

Olympia-based FORMA Construction Company to Build Elementary Schools

We've selected Olympia-based FORMA Construction Company to be our General Contractor/Construction Manager (GCCM) to build the first two of our three new elementary schools. On September 11, a committee from the district interviewed two finalists from the bidding...

Designing the future

Design Advisory Committees have been meeting with the architects in August and September to create schematic designs for Wallace Elementary and the new elementary at Lexington. After their final meeting later this month, we'll have some drawings to show the community....

Proposed Budget


Proposed Improvements

  • Repurpose Catlin Elementary School for other district and/or community activities or sell property.
  • Build a new school in Lexington for 600 students to accommodate growing enrollment and class size reduction.

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The functional and physical condition ratings of Catlin are the poorest of all our schools. Half the school was burned to the ground in the late 1970’s, and replaced with inadequate modular construction. The school no longer serves as a residential school for the overwhelming majority of students who attend Catlin, and deals with severe parking and traffic flow issues.

In order for the school district to receive the state match for the Lexington site ($11 million), we are required to pull one school off-line for non K-12 use. Possible future uses of Catlin include early learning and preschool programs; partnerships with other community and social service agencies; relocation of school district operations; or, because it’s in a commercial area, it could be sold.

Proposed Plan for New Elementary School in Lexington

The property was purchased as part of the last facility bond in order to meet growing student demand in Lexington.  Approximately $11 million in state matching funds will be used to offset project cost.