Butler Acres Elementary

Photography by Nickayla Hodges, a Senior at Kelso High School

Latest News

One-year bond update

At this time last year, Kelso citizens overwhelmingly voted to approve a construction bond and educational levy to improve the learning experience for our students.  We are so thankful for the support and generosity of our community, and continue to work diligently to...

Making room to move and grow

When we asked the community for their thoughts on improving our schools, traffic flow was a concern that came up enough to become a priority. One of the ways we're working on that is by purchasing 7 properties around Wallace Elementary and 4 around Butler Acres...

Our Guiding Principles

As we begin the design work for our three new schools, and all the work we’re doing to improve the learning environments for our children, we’ve created some guiding principles to follow.

Proposed Budget


Proposed Improvements

  • Provide security cameras/access control system
  • Replace asphalt in parking and playground areas
  • Upgrade façade and remove sunscreens
  • Replace windows
  • Provide new addressable fire alarm system
  • Replace galvanized steel domestic water piping with copper tubing
  • Replace boiler and hydronic piping
  • Replace pneumatic controls with DDC controls
  • Improve parking/circulation
  • Repair drainage issues
  • Build four new classrooms
  • Replace phone system


Proposed plan for Butler Acres Elementary classroom additions (in yellow)

Proposed plan for Butler Acres Elementary classroom additions (in yellow)